Technological Merits of CETP , UPSIDC, LTP, Banthar
  1. Its conceptual layout is compact and easy to monitor
  2. The technology adopted is 2-stage ASP with inline helical gear Boxes recently invented by M/S Greaves for the ease of operation & maintenance of aerobic stage being the heart of entire system at CETP.
  3. Single stage pumping & then entire operation is based on hydrostatic flow & pressures.
  4. Least energy consumption.
  5. We have made additional tertiary treatment stage which is capable to provide a cushion to control the fluctuation in treatment of effluent if at any time keeping in view the nature of final recipient water body which is river Ganga
  6. We have also made since very beginning the mandatory arrangement of hazardous waste disposal for CETP & its user industries.
  7. All the user industries are already coming-up with the implementations of CREP recommendation of GOI, MOEF inside their tanneries.
  8. CETP Banthar is providing Bio-remediation technique to assimilate residual Cr that would be reaching to CETP after chrome recovery process at all the member units. Personal Invention of Dr.S.Awasthi for tannery eflluents was for the first time recognised by CPCB at CETP Unnao.
  9. Entire CETP has been electrically powered-in with two sets of control panels that would never allow the shutdown of entire plant even in the severe electric maintenance conditions.
  10. Entire CETP has been connected to underground conveyance system in two loops based on gravitational flow system that would never allow influent flow problems into CETP.
  11. Adequate numbers of SDB's have been provided to dry the sludge properly.
  12. The treatment system is most economical than other similar CETP's in other states. The cost of effluent treatment works out to be only Rs 9.25/kl of water consumption at source by the user tanning industries.

 Socio-economic benefits by launching the project of Tanning Industries/CETP
As per the original project prepared by UPSIDC's consultant “Central Leather Research Institute” Chennai it was reflected based on the studies that by launching this project of tanning industries the overall socioeconomic benefits would take pace in the local villages at Banthar and also in overall district of Unnao.
   1. By launching CETP project inception of all tanneries have been possible as per the environmental clearance issued by Govt. of India, Ministry of Environment& Forests at UPSIDC Leather Technology Park Banthar. These 44 tanneries are expected to make an export of about 400 crore from the UPSIDC Leather Technology Park at Banthar.
  2.  Direct employment to about 10,000 people is also estimated on full loaded operation of all the industries in this complex that would        be a major benefit to the people in surroundings. Indirect employment would also be about ten times more and would benefit to feeder units of Kanpur and Lucknow and other areas of the state.
  3.  Revenue generation to government from about 150 new industries proposed at LTP.
  4.  This huge industrialization is surely going to reduce the crime rate of the district in near future.
  5.  The City Jail drain which is already carrying industrial effluent about 10% from industries situated at Magarwara and Kundan Road        & domestic sewage about 90% from the upper town/villages on belt of drain will also be benefited when about 45 lakh liter treated        effluent would be discharged from a single point after treatment through CETP. The table below clearly states the fact :

Sl. No.

Characteristic parameter

Quality of treated effluent expected from proposed LTP, mg/l

Present quality of Gandha Nala, mg/l

Anticipated quality of Gandha Nala after discharge from LTP, mg/l
















The above analysis is done by CLRI and is an authentic data submitted to MOEF as a part of EIA of LTP Banthar. By above table it is clearly indicated that quality of Ganda Nala (City Jail Drain) gets better after inclusion of proposed treated discharge from LTP. All above facts are clearly highlighting the merits of the project of leather processing units/CETP launched by UPSIDC. It must be clear here that the scope of our company is only to set-up and operate CETP and to comply concerned environmental regulations as conditioned by MOEF, GOI and UPPCB.

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