Under the benign cooperation of leather industry at Banthar/Unnao efforts of BIPCC are growing gradually upward towards prevention and control of pollution from the leather industries in the technical leadership of its Environmental expert/In-charge Dr.Subhash Awasthi who is also been a UNIDO Expert in the region for their programme for pollution control in the tanning industries in S.E.Asia ; and been constantly adhered to various R&Ds and has also been able in developing minimum required knowledge to tanning industry and its associates in the region and outside the state in environmental protection and related engineering, science & technologies involved in leather processing industries.

All the member tanneries of CETP have installed online electromagnetic flow meters at the outlet of their Primary ETPs as per Directions of CPCB issued in the year 2012.

Recently as per the directions of CPCB received through UPPCB, the CETP has installed a Real Time Data Monitoring System( RTDMS) since March 31, 2015 and is connected online with the server of CPCB & UPPCB.

Recent Past Technical Events conducted at BIPCC:

1- Under Living Ganga Programme organised by WWF-India under HSBC Climate Partnership, a continued training programme for pollution control in the tanning industries in the name of Green Chemistry Series was conducted by WWF-India at Kanpur. Dr.S.Awasthi the Environmental Expert employed & designated as CEO( not a Board Member of the Company) of Banthar Industrial Pollution Control Company wrote and compiled a Course Manual for WWF-India which was published in the year 2011 titled as Module I :" Solid Waste management & Handling" and Module II was published as " Bioremediation and Phytoremediation." which was also assisted in writing/compiling by Dr.Anjana Pant of WWF-India & others and the references were acknowledged.

2- Under UNEP assisted programme, Dr.S.Awasthi wrote solely an IT-Enabled course manual first time in the history of leather industries in the country and trained many science students and tannery managers for improving their knowledge by conducting programmes under UNEP from 14th August to 13th Sep 2010 coordinated by FISME New Delhi.

3- An HRD Training programme with the coordination of CLRI was conducted at CETP Banthar from 14th July 2006 to 24th July 2006 and a course manual was written by Dr.S.Awasthi, CEO of BIPCC which was given foreword by Shri Atul Gupta, the then Industrial development Commissioner, Govt of U.P. & Dr.T.Ramasami, The then Director of CLRI who is currently Secretary Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. This was published by BIPCC as a technical manual and tool for all the tanners who concern to leather processing and wanted to know about cleaner technologies & pollution control in the leather industries. The hundred managers / General Managers / Supervisors participated in this programme and successfully completed their training at CETP Banthar, Unnao.

4- A programme of IP awareness was also conducted by CII in association with BIPCC.

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