Technical Overview of CETP-Banthar

CETP has been designed for a capacity of 4500 Kl/day that would be taking entire industrial wastewater from the tanneries proposed there. Presently only five tanneries are in operation which are generating wastewater maximum up to 1200Kl/day. These units are also operating their Primary ETP's and Chrome Recovery Systems inside their tanneries. These units are also complying the norms of CREP as recommended by GOI, MOEF and doing cleaner production technologies like desalting, Counter-Current Soaking, Reduced Float Tanning, Recycle of wash waters, Enzymic Unhairing Process, improved Chrome Tanning etc. to reduce pollution at the source itself.

Technology :- CETP Banthar is based on ASP technology clubbed with two-stage aeration system. Seeing the proximity of the river  Ganga which is 17 km away from the discharge point a polishing tertiary treatment system based on chemical treatment for further reduction of BOD/COD/SS in the effluent before final discharge is also provided with the CETP Banthar.

Basis of Design :- The wastewater that would be generated from the different tanneries, first of all is treated up to primary standards by the participating individual tanneries, however the practical conditions differ and therefore the design of any CETP should not be blindly dependent on the estimated performance of industries beyond regular sight control of CETP management. In these circumstances the expected characteristics of wastewater that may reach the CETP at any time/day are considered as under and are based on vast experience:


Estimated Values




1000 – 1800 mg/l


2000 – 4000 mg/l


2000  - 3000 mg/l

Total Cr

40—100 ppm


5000-10000 mg/l

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