Treatment Units of CETP at Leather Technology Park BIPCC :-

1-Bar Screen/Grit Chamber:-1no.-Manual MOC-RCC/M20
2-Equalisation cum Holding system:-2 no. MOC-RCC/M20 Imported Coarse Bubble Diffusers as equalization device
3-Open to Sky Type Pump House:-1no. Effluent Pumps-Battery of Pumps (Helical Non-Clog) MOC-RCC/M20
4-Flash Mixer:-1no. MOC-RCC/M20 Flash Mixing agitator-SS316-1no.
5-Clariflocculation System:-1 no.  Device-Flocculation Paddles-MS-Epoxy coated Peripherial Clarifier.
6-Ist  Stage Conventional Aeration System:- 1 no. MOC/RCC-M20-Fixed Surface Aerators-Low speed Type,25HP-9 nos.
7-IInd Stage Extended Aeration System:- 1 no. MOC/RCC-M20-Fixed Surface Aerators-Low speed Type,15HP-10 nos.
8-Ist Stage Clarifier (Biological):- 1no. MOC/RCC-M20 Device-Peripherally driven clarifier with central shell.
9-IInd Stage (Biological) Clarifier:- 1 no. MOC/RCC-M20 Device-Peripherally driven clarifier with central shell.
11-Tertiary Clarifier:- 1 no. MOC/RCC-M20 With chemical dosing platform and dosing arrangement.
12-Final discharge trough/V-Notch arrangement:- 1 set MOC/RCC-M20. Launder connected to RCC-NP3 pipe connecting finally to UPSIDC’s Pucca Drain receiving the treated effluent from CETP.

Proposed Pollution Reduction Strip :- stage-wise performance

Ist stage Biological treatment system

IInd stage Biological Treatment

Tertiary Treatment stage

Expected Quality of treated effluent

Norms Status


60-65% treatment of remaining BOD/COD

95-96% reduction of remaining BOD/COD


COD=150-240 mg/lSS=10-50mg/l


Cost of the Project: 6.0 crores (Including Internal conveyance system for discharge of pre-treated effluent form member units up to the CETP works.

Power requirement: 550 KVA. Present requirement of power as per our expertise when only five industries are discharging their effluent into CETP is 220 KVA. About 5 more industries are expected to be in operation after six months.

Secured Landfill Facility inside the CETP. This would be comprised with leachate collection and treatment system.

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